I am interested in ecosystem functioning with a strong focus on the biodiversity loss interaction with climate change, thus I want my research to improve our understanding of ecosystem functioning in response to anthropogenic disturbances. I am currently in my first year of the Master ECOSYSTEMES (Functional Ecology and Conceptualization of Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems) at Montpellier University. I will start in March 2023 with an internship in the BioFlux team (Biodiversity Flows and Global Changes) at the CEFE (Montpellier). My project will focus on the effect of tree diversity on nutrient reabsorption and litter chemical quality in subtropical Chinese forests. This study will thus try to bridge the gap between tree diversity and litter decomposition efficiency. My internship is part of the TreeDì project in the BEF China Experiment (Biodiversity Ecosystem Functioning experiment). This internship is an opportunity to improve my knowledge of the functioning of biogeochemical cycles, which are currently being disrupted by global changes, and whose instability is likely to accentuate biodiversity loss.