My research interest lies in understanding ecosystem functioning, particularly in light of the ongoing loss of species across various ecosystems worldwide. Despite this widespread species loss, the exact implications for ecosystem functioning remain uncertain. To address this, it is crucial to comprehend how species interact with each other and their environment.

During my Ph.D., I conducted research within the context of the Biodiversity Ecosystem Functioning (BEF China) experiment, focusing on the effects of tree-tree interactions on carbon cycling. Specifically, I investigated how these interactions influenced forest productivity, soil carbon storage, microbial communities, and litter decomposition. This work was conducted as part of the TreeDì doctoral school, which aims to explore tree interactions in Chinese subtropical forests within the BEF China platform.

Currently, my research is centered on the biodiversity-microclimate-ecosystem functioning nexus. In my ongoing project, SoilDivTemp, I am investigating how vegetation diversity affects temperature modulation and its repercussions on undercanopy communities and functions on a global scale.