The heterogeneity–diversity–system performance nexus

Ever-growing human population and nutritional demands, supply chain disruptions, and advancing climate change have led to the realization that changes in diversity and system performance are intimately linked. Moreover, diversity and system …

Abiotic and biotic drivers of tree trait effects on soil microbial biomass and soil carbon concentration

Forests are critical ecosystems to understand the global carbon budget, due to their carbon sequestration potential in both above- and belowground compartments, especially in species-rich forests. Soil carbon sequestration is strongly linked to soil …

Frontiers in soil ecology—Insights from the World Biodiversity Forum 2022

Global change is affecting soil biodiversity and functioning across all terrestrial ecosystems. Still, much is unknown about how soil biodiversity and function will change in the future in response to simultaneous alterations in climate and land use, …


This Collection is the work of more than 50 scientists and Young Reviewers from all around the globe. Our role as editors, together with the authors, was to share our love of soil biodiversity with you. In this Collection, you will discover that …

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SoilDivTemp project: linking diversity and soil temperature

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Diverse forests are cool: Promoting diverse forests to mitigate carbon emissions and climate change

Climate change is one of the most pressing threats to humanity, inducing a global increase in temperatures and more frequent extreme climatic events. Considering this, global reforestation initiatives are proposed to capture carbon and mitigate …

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