Diverse forests are cool: Promoting diverse forests to mitigate carbon emissions and climate change

Climate change is one of the most pressing threats to humanity, inducing a global increase in temperatures and more frequent extreme climatic events. Considering this, global reforestation initiatives are proposed to capture carbon and mitigate …

EUSO 2021

Talk to the European Soil Observatory

Ph.D. thesis: From trees to soil: microbial and spatial mediation of tree diversity effects on carbon cycling in subtropical Chinese forests

Abstract The loss of biodiversity is affecting all ecosystems on Earth, one of the greatest threats to biodiversity being climate change. Forests have been highlighted for the potential to mitigate climate change by storing carbon above- and belowground in soils.

GfO 2021

Talk to the GfO conference 2021

Tree diversity and soil chemical properties drive the linkages between soil microbial community and ecosystem functioning

Microbial respiration is critical for soil carbon balance and ecosystem functioning. Previous studies suggest that plant diversity influences soil microbial communities and their respiration. Yet, the linkages between tree diversity, microbial …

BES 2020

Talk to the BES 2020

Soil Biodiversity Collection

Collection in Frontiers for Young Minds on Soil Biodiversity aiming to shared scientific discoveries with the next generations

Chapter Five - Plant functional trait identity and diversity effects on soil meso- and macrofauna in an experimental grassland

Understanding aboveground-belowground linkages and their consequences for ecosystem functioning is a major challenge in soil ecology. It is already well established that soil communities drive essential ecosystem processes, such as nutrient cycling, …


TreeDì - 林地 - Tree Diversity Interactions: The role of tree-tree interactions in local neighbourhoods in Chinese subtropical forests