Improving forest ecosystem functions by optimizing tree species spatial arrangement

Reforestation and afforestation programs are promoted as strategies to mitigate rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations and enhance ecosystem services. Planting diverse forests is supposed to foster such benefits, but optimal tree planting techniques, …

Tree diversity effects on litter decomposition are mediated by litterfall and microbial processes

Forest ecosystems are critical for their carbon sequestration potential. Increasing tree diversity has been shown to enhance both forest productivity and litter decomposition. Litter diversity increases litter decomposability by increasing the …

Modeling in Ecology and Evolution

Poster in the Modeling in Ecology and Evolution

Ph.D. thesis: From trees to soil: microbial and spatial mediation of tree diversity effects on carbon cycling in subtropical Chinese forests

Abstract The loss of biodiversity is affecting all ecosystems on Earth, one of the greatest threats to biodiversity being climate change. Forests have been highlighted for the potential to mitigate climate change by storing carbon above- and belowground in soils.

How to decompose?

Paradigm shifts in decomposition: new challenges and approaches for decomposition experiments in terrestrial ecosystems